Herbs, Spices and Natural Goodness | Harrisville, NH | Kate Preftakes Photography

  1. Erika Follansbee says:

    Oh, I am DYING over these photos. Absolutely gorgeous, Kate!

  2. Louisa says:

    LUSCIOUS!!!! Did I spell that correctly?

  3. Melissa Spencer says:

    Wow Kate…these are so beautiful and inviting! I can’t wait to see them on the website. What an incredible eye you have! It was really neat to see you work and create such beauty out of chaos.

  4. Leela says:

    Incredible! Exotic, natural, sensious and beautiful! I love the lemon/lime one and can almost smell it now!

  5. Barbara McAllister says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I’m one of Attar’s vendors and just linked to you. I’ll be sharing your website with great enthusiasm .

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