4 Times 12 | July

  1. linda buttrick says:

    Katie, I feel the same way about the summer slipping away. I hope I haven’t missed anything in Ben’s boys’ lives and growth. Tomorrow we are headed to Old orchard Beach, ME to go camping for 6 days. We will have Dylan, alredy 6, with us. His parents will show for the wkend with Gavin (16 mos). Dylan loves to work with his Papa on our farm. Today they were picking whatever could be found to bring up and share. He has finally given in to being ready to swim and is all over the Greenville pool like a fish. Should be a lot of fun at the ocean! Gavin is the most cheerful toddler ever , and doesn’t feel forced to walk or anything. But he loves books, and i have to read 3 at a time before he is satisfied. He is always taking his big brother’s trucks, farm equipment and construction vehicles when Dylan isn’t around and figuring out how they work. The little guy has rhythm, loves music, dancing, singing, and clapping. Guess that must go with the territory if you are my family. Your family is beautiful. And it’s so much fun to hear of their growth and their personality traits. I hope you and your Mom have the safest and most glorious trip to Scotland. Would you ever have imagined you would be trekking around the world to perform your craft?? God bless you and Doug and your growing family. Love, Linda

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