A Day at the Beach | My Crew

Here’s my crew!  Growing like weeds and soaking in the summer sun.

Every summer I attempt to coordinate outfits and get a semi-formal portrait of these guys.  Believe me, it’s not easy.  In fact it typically involves heavy bribery, a LOT of patience and almost always some crying. Atticus was all done before we got started and I’m pretty sure Bea ate a cup of sand and possibly a cigarette butt.  We did have fun though and it’s such a lovely record of  our kids at this point in their lives.  Last summer we didn’t even have Bea in the mix!  Wow, so much happens in a year!

I call this one “the evolution of our family”.

And here’s what Atticus thought of my coordinated outfits and photo shoot…

And it was time to jump in the water!




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  1. Erica says:

    Kate these are precious! I love Finley’s little freckles, and of course the clothing protest by Atticus! Asa seems like such a sweet big brother. How lucky you all are!

  2. Nicolle Tenters says:

    Beautiful family Kate! I feel lucky to know for sure how sweet the boys really are. I love the “evolution” photo!

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