A day in the life | Syrus

Syrus is two.

Syrus is my nephew.

Syrus could not be any cuter.

I spent the morning with my brother, his wife and their son Syrus walking around Northampton where they live.  For Syrus’ second birthday I wanted to document a day in his life for him.  They love walking into town and getting coffee and scones so that’s what we did.

Syrus has a thing for rocks.  His pockets are always full of them and he has to stop (a lot) and pick up more.

Lindsay has done an incredible job helping Syrus with his own garden this summer.  What a wonderful experience for a child to see the results of planting and watering vegetables.  Sure, he eats things way before they’re ready and tramples some of the plants but that’s to be expected.  It’s the experience that counts!

After a busy morning it was time for “lovey” back at home.

Here’s what I love:

blue crocs with a ladybug

pockets full of rocks

free Starbucks coffee stickers

Syrus’ huge smile

the ease with which Syrus walks around  town

how random homeless people save him rocks because they know he loves them

my brother and his wonderful (growing) family

Don’t grow up too fast Syrus, being two fits you perfectly.


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