Anna and Felix | New Hampshire Lakeside Woods Wedding

Anna and Felix were married at the bride’s family cottage on Sunset Lake in Greenfield, NH.  The amazing details of this earthy and elegant wedding were designed by the very talented Blossom Partners and I don’t think I could love them any more. Feathers?  Yes please! Hand dyed blue fabrics? Swoon.  They pretty much had me with the invitations and it only got better from there.  It was perfect from start to finish and I am so excited to share all the beauty.

Anna and Felix are both instructors at the North Carolina Outward Bound School and so the couple wanted to incorporate their love of nature in their intimate wedding.  They chose the family’s lakeside cottage as the setting and cleared a path through the woods for the ceremony.  Feather markers led the way and warm blankets were available for guests.  There was a campfire set up and ready to go next to the “tent city” for any guests who wanted to camp there.

Felix has a very musical family and not only did his family provide the gorgeous ceremony and cocktail music, the entire family band took over the stage during the reception (Felix on drums) and rocked it out for the guests!  Groove Authority kept the crowd dancing the rest of the night.  Anna and Felix both love ice cream and served it with dessert instead of cake from Bedford Farms Ice Cream. For dinner, the guests were treated to the amazing farm to table food from Mayfair Farm in Harrisville, one of my personal favorites. Joe Pye Weeds brought the perfect mix of light and airy flowers to compliment the amber and blue details and the whole affair was set under and on Monadnock Tent‘s lovely tent and farm tables.

Beyond all of the beauty from this wedding there was also a wonderful sense of love and happiness.  Anna and Felix were both so relaxed and happy throughout the day and it was a truly a joy to work with them. Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

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  1. Hilda Parrott says:

    it was a magical day! thanks for capturing it all!

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