Atticus | Seven

And just like that, he is seven years old.  One missing tooth, still an impish grin, and forever making us smile.  Atticus has always brought the sunshine in to our family.  His enthusiasm for life is infectious and even when he’s mad he is adorable.  He loves birthdays more than any person I’ve ever met but he knows I’m not the biggest fan of seeing my kids get older, so he climbed into my lap this morning and said, “Mom, you can just pretend that I’m still six”.  Thanks, Bud.  Thanks for your laughter and free spirit. Thanks for dressing up in costumes and creating traps in the woods. Thanks for keeping life simple and fun, even though I’m still mad that you hide snakes on my pillow at night. I hope seven years old is the best age it can be for you.  I know you will find joy and laughter throughout the year because that is what you do.  But I still expect lots of snuggles too.  Love, Mom



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  1. Jan Curtis says:

    Kate, how very sweet this picture of Atticus is! I can’t believe he is 7 already. don’t we always say these things! I see you and Doug in Atticus and the picture is so beautiful. I can see how you are such a wonderful children’s photographer. Can’t wait to see your whole family next time you come back for a visit. I’m sure all the children have grown since I last saw them. Thanks for sending. Love, Jan

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