Atticus Turns Four | NH Children’s Photographer

Spring is the beginning of birthday season around here.  It’s exciting, and as every parent knows, bittersweet.  Today our littlest guy will turn four years old. I’m amazed at how he’s changed in the past year and glad that he’s still the same.  He’s moved from toddler-hood to being a real kid.  One of the boys.  He still remains an avid tractor junkie but is branching out and embracing dinosaurs and super heroes.  He wanted a super hero party this year but it had to involve tractors as well. Hmmm, make that one work!

Atticus is a little blonde ball of  energy.  He sometimes chooses to somersault his way to places rather than walk.  He can be intense and laid back all at the same time.  His angelic face and adorable sense of humor get him far around here.  He can be one of “the boys” or one of  “the babies” depending on what’s happening.  He loves to be working, whether it be using his tools to fix things or using his tractor to haul things around.  He has an immense sense of humor and keeps me laughing most of the day.  He has a secure sense of self and other children are naturally drawn to him.   He is a friend to everyone and can make even the shyest of children feel comfortable.

He is, in many ways, my little super hero.

Happy Birthday Bud!  Here’s to the another year of growth and fun.  May your heart stay light and your imagination stay open.  And here’s to protecting us all from the bad guys!



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