Birthday Wishes

To my Darling Bea,

Today we are celebrating your fourth birthday and, my how you have grown since the day you first came in to our lives! Your charming personality wins us over even when you are working hard to get your way. I see so much kindness in you and love that you focus so much on the little things in life. The tiniest of stones or pine cones that you find on our walks or the smallest detail in a page on a book.

I love that you show so much compassion towards others, especially babies and animals. That is truly a sign of the deepest kindness. You are very intuitive and have a keen sense of other people’s feelings. It warms my heart to see you ask someone if they are ok. Your brothers love you dearly and you are so fortunate to have them. They will always look after you and I know that you will be there for them whatever the need. The greatest gift that Dad and I could give any of you is each other. Always remember that you have loving family there for you no matter what.

I know that you are only just turning four so it is still hard to share sometimes, whether it be your favorite toy or your mom’s lap. But I am proud of you for taking the time to understand that it is right to be kind and that it feels good to give to others even when you don’t want to.

You are beautiful on the inside and out. Your big blue eyes and very blonde hair gain you affection and compliments wherever you go. But I love the way your little nose curves up at the end and the way your little hands work so hard to make a button go through the hole. Your sweet little mouth has so much expression and your laughter is joyous music. I love the way you make me laugh with your ladylike ways and I hope you always find happiness in looking fancy. But mostly I pray that you love your precious body just as it is, no matter what you are wearing.

Your independent personality is un-waivering and you certainly remind me of myself! I do hope that you are able to accept help when you need it and I know that you will accomplish anything you set your determined heart to do.

You will most certainly will be a wonderful mother someday but you are welcome to stay my baby for as long as you like. Please don’t ever stop asking me to snuggle with you, even if I am busy at that moment, I will always make time for you.

Happy Birthday Darling!

Love Mom

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  1. Heidi says:

    Kate-This is beautiful! I hope Bea had an amazing day!! ❤️❤️

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