Boston State Room Wedding | Cassie & Jason

I am so excited to share Cassie and Jason’s gorgeous wedding at the State Room in Boston! Winter weddings are always dreamy but to have one in Boston during one of the snowiest years on record, well, that’s just heartwarming.  We started out at the incredible Ames Hotel for getting ready photos and a first look then headed over to The State Room where the wedding was held.  I don’t think it’s possible to convey how much I loved Cassie’s dress!  She was stunning from head to toe and there was such a classic elegance to their entire black tie affair.  Not only were these two gorgeous, but they were so incredibly happy and sweet all day.  When a couple is utterly in love with each other it really shows and happiness radiates around them. Such was the case with Cassie and Jason and their entire families.

The State Room is an incredible venue with the most amazing view of Boston.  The ceremony was timed to view a sunset but what they got was gently falling snow and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  The room just sparkled with all of Cassie’s little touches and Longwood Events always makes their events flawless.  The band Kahootz  kept the party going  and the dance floor was packed all night!

Cassie and Jason, we can’t thank you enough for having us there to photograph your lovely wedding!  We love you guys!!

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Boston State Room wedding photos

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boston state room wedding

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boston state room wedding

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Flowers: Michele Bernard

Cake and Catering: I Dream of Jeanne Cakes

Dress: Justin Alexander Bella Sera Bridal

Invitations: Smudge Ink


Congratulations to Cassie and Jason!

XOXO ~ Kate


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