Change is Hard

I’m not a big fan of change.  Even the good kind.  It makes me uncomfortable.  Of course I realize that it is inevitable, especially with growing children, but I still resist it.  Spring is a big time for change around here.  All the boys have their birthdays (don’t even get me started on how emotionally draining those are!) and then the school year comes to an end.  Another year slipping by. 

Last month this guy turned eight.  Eight!!  What?

kate preftakes


And just recently, Bea has started wearing big girl pants.  Just like that, right before my eyes, she has lost the last bit of babyhood.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that she’s not wearing diapers anymore, and I’m really proud of her for practically making this transition on her own, but my soft sentimental heart is aching with knowing that this is the end of baby life in our house.  I am not able to take down the crib just yet but I know that is coming soon too.  It’s just that it all happens so fast! One minute you’re holding a brand new baby and the next you’re sending them off to school.


kate preftakes photography

kate preftakes photography


I know she’s still little but I also know it’s fleeting.  I am trying my hardest to appreciate every single minute and every beautiful stage that all my children go through, but I’m not always sure I’m doing it enough. I am trying to be excited for the future but can’t shake this aching for the simple baby days.  I just want to squeeze these little legs and kiss these grubby cheeks and never let them go.

So, today, I think I’ll do just that. There will be a lot of squeezing, and kissing, and holding on tight, and maybe I’ll be able to stop time.


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