Finn and Lukas | Twins | NH Newborn Photographer

Every baby is an absolute miracle.  I am always astounded at how perfectly tiny and unique they are.  But twins!  Well, that’s just mind blowing to me.  It is utterly amazing and incredibly beautiful to think that two little souls were created at the same instant.  Beginning their lives together, growing side by side, in their mama.  These two heart breakers were just five days old when I photographed them.  Brand spanking new and yet, so unique and special in their own ways.  Finn outweighed his brother by 2 whole pounds and yet you could tell that sweet little Lukas was bursting with personality.

They are the luckiest little boys to be born into this family and their mom and dad are already naturals.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at their home.  First time parents with twin newborns…that could be a bit overwhelming!  But these two were pros and there was a wonderful sense of calm and love in their home.  I was truly impressed with the way they handled the two boys and worked together to take care of them.  Their grandmother was helping out too and between everyone there was no shortage of snuggling and kisses.

It will be an incredible thing to watch them grow together.  To see the men they become.  To know that they will always have each other.

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