First Days Are Hard

This morning I packed up extra clothes, pulled some frozen milk out of the freezer and brought my baby girl to daycare.  It’s noon and I’m still crying.  I know that she is in good hands but leaving her was heartbreaking.  I’ve been through this before and I know that it will get easier but today it feels unbearable.

Maybe it’s the rain.  Maybe it’s the fact that everywhere I look I am reminded of her.  Maybe it’s that I’m not ready for this.

I bought myself some tulips as a reminder that spring is coming and things will get easier. I thought they would cheer me up.  But they’re not working.

They’re not working because THIS:

Is just no match for THIS:



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  1. Jenny Lord says:

    Just think of how happy you’ll be when you can get back and smell her sweet little baby head!

  2. Heidi Richard says:

    Ok. So this made me cry. Clearly I am over-emotional. Want to move to Europe with me where we can stay home with our babies for glorious amounts of time?! Being a working mommy is HARD!

  3. Meggie Preftakes says:

    Are you sick?!? You finally get a chance to take a nap and relax by yourself (or do massive amounts of work like you always do when you have “free” time) and you are crying? The flowers were also a bad choice. You should have treated yourself to a pile of candy and a fun movie to celebrate.
    Young grasshopper, you have much to learn, but lucky for you you have me to offer guidance.

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