First Days

It’s that time of year again.  The time when all of us mothers  take pictures of our kids with their backpacks and shiny bright faces and send them off to their first day of school.  There are a lot tears on this day.  Sometimes  from children but mostly from moms.  First days of school are a lot like birthdays in that they force you to look at your child and really see how much they’ve matured.  You can’t escape the fact that they’re growing up whether you like it or not.  It makes me uncomfortable.  I am excited for my kids but really just want to get back into the regular routine so I can not think about how fast they are growing each and every day.

This year Asa is a fourth grader.  A FOURTH grader.  What the?  Last year I said the same thing about third grade and look where we are.  Next year will be his last year in elementary school.  It just can’t be possible.

Finley is now in the second grade.  That’s not quite as traumatic for me because Asa has already paved the way.  It’s still hard to believe.  I am truly amazed to watch him sit and read a book.  Truly.  And by the way, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the awesome teachers out there who take the time to teach and look after our k ids every day!  Hurray for you!!

Atticus has one more year left of preschool which he lovingly calls “farm school”.  I love that.  His school is indeed located in a house on a farm, but it sounds like we are sending him off to learn to be a farmer, which is just perfect for him. He’s always been a farm boy.  He is a bigger kid than before.  He refuses to be left behind by his brothers and works his little heart out trying to keep up.  He usually succeeds.

Bea is thankfully not old enough for school yet but still growing at light speed.  I’m amazed at how much she changes and grows from month to month.  For now I will savor that fact that she is still home with me and enjoy my one on one time with her while the boys are at school.


Kate Preftakes Photography


Kate Preftakes Photography

May you have the happiest of first days.  We’ll miss you today!




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