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Wow, it’s another new year!  Another January to start fresh with the whole year stretched out before you. I love the clean slate and I love making new goals.

This year I am keeping my goals simple.  Simple but not necessarily easy.  They include things like: losing that last stubborn 10 pounds, running 3 times a week, taking a deep breath in the morning and not completely losing my mind (and patience) when I’m getting myself and four kids ready for school.

I would like to be more organized.

I would like to be more empathetic towards people.

I would like to find more time to do one on one activities with each of my children.

I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary this year and want to take a very special vacation with my husband.

I would like to reconnect with old friends.

I want to truly enjoy the moments with my children instead of worrying about the logistics of the day.

In short, I’d like to find the ever elusive balance in my life that we all seek.

And I have some major changes I need to make with my business.  As always, change is scary but it is positive too and I need to keep that in perspective.

Here they are. My incredible children.  How they grow in just one year!  This first image was taken in January of 2012 and the second was taken in January 2013.  One year.  Three hundred and sixty five days of growth.  I am grateful for the laughter that fills our home.  I am grateful for the smiles, the tantrums, the surprises, the tears and yes, even the mess because I know it will not last forever.

Many blessings to you and your families in the new year!


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  1. Erica says:

    I love how Finley has the same missing tooth in the current photo as Asa did in the last photo! Bea’s face in the 2012 photo is priceless!! =) Happy New Year to you all!

  2. allison burroughs says:

    hope one of the major changes in your business involves more trips to Boston! We’d love to get a session in this year.

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