Las Vegas!

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind!  After the sickness spread through our house my Mom and I headed off to Las Vegas to the WPPI trade show and conference.  WOW!  What an adventure!  This was my third time attending and I am never dissapointed.  My head is still spinning from new ideas and inspiration!  There are so many incredible photographers out there and I love hearing their stories and learning from them.  I was really feverish the first 3 days but with the help of A LOT of ibuprofen I forged ahead.

Here are a few of our touristy shots from the trip.

There are lions in the hotel.  Yeah, lions.   Mom took this one.   She was pretty into the lions!

Lastly, this is my VERY favorite shot from our trip!  We’re not really gamblers so we thought it would be fun to hit the casinos with our cameras completely incognito.  We had to shoot everything from the hip–never looking through the viewfinders.  I caught this one of these women heading off to somewhere glamorous and I thought it pretty much summed up Vegas.

Ok, back to reality!  I have some great shoots coming up soon that I’m really excited for.  Have a great week!

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