Leah and Jon | The Fells Estate Wedding

I am SO excited to share the gorgeous wedding of Leah and Jon and I honestly don’t even know where to start!  There is so much perfection in every aspect of their day.  From the vintage record player, and the Bob Dylan ceremony song, to the AMAZING flowers and details, to, well, just about everything.  I loved it all. Most importantly, I loved Leah and Jon.  They were relaxed, sweet, and completely happy on their wedding day, even when the weather was not agreeable. Rain came through just before their first look and things were looking pretty gloomy and then it cleared up and we were able to be outside as planned.

Their intimate garden party style wedding was held at The Fells Estate in Newbury, NH and it was the perfect backdrop for their wedding.    As Leah said, it took a lot of willpower for them to keep their guest list small but they were unwaivering on their goal of having an intimate wedding with just family.  Leah is all about the details so of course, I adore her.  The hand painted invitations gave a  nod to their Jack  Russell,  Bodie, and the luxurious silk pink ribbon could be found throughout all the details.  She wore a stunning Kate McDonald gown and pink Louboutin shoes! Jon and his brothers were so handsome in their Alton Lang suits.  I can’t say enough about Emily Herzig and her talent with floral design. She brought Leah and Jon’s vision to life and it was perfection.

The gorgeous farm tables were set on the back porch overlooking the beautiful gardens and the ceremony held a view of the gardens and lake beyond.  The dessert table was to die for, filled with delicious cakes, cookies, cupcakes and macaroons.  They gave honey jars as their favors with honey made by Leah’s father’s bees.  Signature drinks included mojitos and “Bee’s Knees”.  Guests played yard games and talked while Van Morrison and James Taylor wafted through the air on the record player and the merriment went well in to the evening.  This was truly a magical day for a very special, wonderful couple and their families.

Here are some of the very talented vendors that helped make this wedding gorgeous:

Floral Design: Emily Herzig Floral Studio

Venue:  The Fells Estate

Cake: Taste By Spellbound

Caterer: Laura Powers, Extraordinary Taste

Bridal Gown: Kate McDonald Bridal, The White Dress by the Shore

Bridesmaids Dress: Joanna August

Invitations: Monumental Designs


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  1. Ellen Adams says:

    Katie… all I can say is “wow”. This wedding and the moments you captured are beyond breathtaking. These should be in a wedding magazine. Stunning….just stunning.

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