Life’s A [swimming] Lesson

Every week Asa and Finley go to swim lessons.  Every week it’s the same story.  They don’t want to go.  The pool is too cold.  They don’t want to stop what they’re doing and switch gears.

Every week we tell them that once they get there they always love it.  We tell them that they have each other.  We tell them that we’ll be watching them and that we are so proud of the swimmers they have become.

The truth is, once they are in the pool, they never stop smiling.  And we tell them that they will make the biggest splash of anyone when they get to jump in at the end.  And they always do.

Life feels like a swimming lesson to me.  It’s hard to stop what feels comfortable and jump in a cold pool.  It’s hard to push yourself to do new things.  But it sure is nice to feel like you have someone by your side while you’re doing it.  And it definitely feels good to make that big splash at the end.  Even if the only person watching is you.

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  1. Louisa says:

    Wonderful photos—-such beautiful boys—–and I can see your family in them! I enjoy your thoughtful comments too!

  2. brendan barrette says:

    i luv the pics of the boys

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