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Mayfair Farm is tucked away in the lovely little town of Harrisville, NH and I was lucky enough to spend an evening here a couple of weeks ago.  Like most farms, it was a place filled with peace. But this farm was also so full of joy, laughter and love.  They walked me all around the property and showed me their livestock, their mountain views, and their strawberry patch.  It was so relaxed and easy going and exactly what I am always hoping for with a family session.  Just life, all together, as it is right now.  The kids caught grasshoppers and raced through the fields. They would come back for some snuggles and then wander off again.  It was heartwarming and refreshing. Here are just a few of my favorites from our evening.

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kate preftakes0029

If you are looking for all natural, (lovingly) farm raised meat and other wonderful items, I would highly recommend finding Mayfair Farm!


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