Our Four Faces

Every year since Bea was born I have photographed my kids in January together in exactly the same way. I always love going back and comparing their faces and seeing how much they have changed.  Teeth come and go, faces thin out, and smiles mature. This time we got it in just under the wire because Bea had to have stitches (well, glue actually) in her eyebrow right before Christmas and we’ve been waiting for it to heal.  We also made the joint decision this year to start photographing them sitting up together.  I had the kids lay down initially because Bea was so little but now it seems unnecessary as they are so grown up!

Asa is 12 now. The typical first born who is our high honor student and so responsible. He is also incredibly caring and empathetic to others. I am honestly most proud of that.  His kindness and sincerity are limitless.

Finley is 10.  He walks the line between the older child and the middle child, depending on the day. Finley has always been an extremely passionate child, no matter what he is doing. He puts his heart and soul into all that he does and I know this quality will take him far in life.  He is also my dance party partner.

Atticus continues to be the comic relief in our family.  This almost 8 year old is always busy; whether it be building forts, creating objects, experimenting with science projects….he never really stops.  He makes us all laugh and it’s hard to say no to that sweet little face.

Beatrix is 5 and becoming such a fine young lady! She is writing her numbers and letters and loves to draw and paint.  She is the ultimate observer and it’s impossible to get anything past her keen eye. She has a passion for animals and loves little things.

So here they are, getting so big!


And here are the previous year’s photos:






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  1. Candace Rapf says:

    Love it! How do I sign up to get your blog posts regularly, Katie? Big hug!

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