The Last of Summer | Cousins

Fall is in full swing and I never got a chance to share these sweet pictures from the summer!

My sister came to visit in August and we did a few pictures of our little girls together.  Bea is so lucky to have two girl cousins so close in age.  Virelai (who you’ll see soon) is just two months older than Bea, and Evelyn is just five months younger. They will have to take the place of a sister that she’ll never have.  It’s so fun to watch them grow together and I know they will be the best of friends someday (after Bea stops hitting Evie!).

Kate Preftakes0001

Kate Preftakes0002

Kate Preftakes0003

Kate Preftakes0004

Kate Preftakes0005

Kate Preftakes0006

Kate Preftakes0007

Kate Preftakes0008

I just love these little girls!!


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  1. Doug says:

    Beautiful girls!!

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