The Little Things

There are little things in the world of parenting that make you crazy and melt your heart all at the same time.   For me, it’s watching my boys back up, get a running start, and jump as hard as they can into a mud puddle just before we load up into the car.  It’s seeing them tromp through my garden picking my favorite flowers just to give me a bouquet.

And it’s watching them express themselves creatively on our house.  Doug and I are artists and we highly encourage acts of creativity around here but seriously, the front door?  I asked Atti to show me what he had done and he did, but he needed his blankie for support.  Clearly he’s not very remorseful.

The truth is, in the moment when this happened, I was frustrated.  I was trying to cook dinner, chaos was all around, it felt like this was one more thing that I had to clean up.  Yes, it can be cleaned up.  There is a very special place in heaven for the inventor of washable markers.  (We work really hard to keep Sharpies out of reach around here).

But, it’s been awhile now and I can’t seem to bring myself to wash it off.  It’s grown on me and now I kind of like it.  It’s like a scarlet letter on our house that says “it’s a mess in here but we’re happy and creative”.

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  1. Jen says:

    Great work Atti! Kate, I found out the magic eraser will take ANYTHING off. 🙂 Go little artist!

  2. leela howard says:

    Atti looks proud of his accomplishments! I love the way you are able to write about those moments, focusing on the inherent joys of their life discoveries. I recall when Isabelle was so proud in showing me that she could now draw a star–scraped into my car door with a rock!

  3. Meggie Preftakes says:

    How could anyone be mad at that face, he is just too cute! I miss that little guy, I can’t wait to see him.

  4. kim says:

    Kate…that is art! Don’t wash it…it’s adorable! But then again you have captured it with a beautiful photo and that is art in it’s self. Wonderful as always.


  5. AmandaNickerson says:

    Kate- this is really cute…I can imagine it being frustrating…but I think I would have to leave it on the door too lol! Hope you are well! We will be in touch soon for a photo shoot of our newest (I am thinking of doing it around the 3 month mark, the beginning of September) 🙂

  6. Doug Irvine says:

    I confess, the front door art has grown on me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so admirably. BTW, is this low on the list of things to “deal with” so that we can eventually move into a LARGER home? : – )

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