Tractor Birthday Party | NH Children’s Photographer

My three year old son lives and breathes tractors.  It’s in his genes.   I can point out a beautiful farm with fields filled with horses and he’ll spot the tractor tucked away in the corner.  I can take him to a petting farm to feed the animals and he’ll find the farm tractor and want to sit on that.  He brings as many toy tractors as we’ll allow into his bath at night.

So, for his third birthday party we decided to do a tractor theme.  My mom worked her magic as usual and made some beautiful decorations.  He was thrilled.  Here are some pictures I thought I’d share.

And for the cupcakes:

The helpers:

Some incredible cookies by Brennies Cookies:

Goodie bags:

Enjoying the goods!

Happy Birthday Buddy!  We love you!


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  1. Julie says:

    Your photos are so cute! I love how your boys are dressed up in flannel! Did you make the banner yourself? So adorable and the pennants look really adorable.

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