When You Are A Mom

Things nobody told me about motherhood

(or they did and I just didn’t listen)


You will be tired.

You will experience tremendous amounts of joy.

You will have days where you feel that you did nothing but laundry and dishes.

You will be amazed at the things your children can do.


You will wonder what on earth you used to do with all your free time.


You will try to do the absolute best for your children, but may find that the path is not always clear.


You will look at your beautiful children and wonder how you got so lucky.


You will lose your patience once in a while.  You will feel guilty about that.

You will crash in bed at 9pm with exhaustion, and then lay awake all night worrying about your kids.

You will do more laundry than you ever imagined possible.  You will have a basket of mismatched socks.


You will have piles and piles of paperwork. Precious artwork, endless permission slips, and school notes.

Your dining room table will be the place where all of this is stored.


You will be required to know everyone’s birthdates, current shoe sizes and favorite color at all times.  Also where in the house someone else’s shoes, book or toy is at any given moment.  This will consume a large portion of your brain.


You will sometimes wonder how you will make it through the day without losing your mind,

and simultaneously wish that these moments will last forever.

You will do everything you can to protect your children but they will still get hurt.  You will be there for them.


You will realize that time with your children’s happiness is far more important than a clean house.


You will learn to live with the mess because life is just too short.

You will long for some peace and quiet,

and then your heart will ache with sadness when you get it because you miss your children.


You will do things you swore you never would.


You will learn to not judge others.  You will stop caring if people are judging you.


You will have to think of healthy and savory items to serve for dinner. Every. Single. Night.


Your car will get trashed.  So will any nice furniture you own.

You will learn to live with the mess because life is just too short.


You are only human and you make mistakes. It’s ok for your children to know that.


You are so loved and needed.


You will do all of these things and do them well because you are a mom.  A great mom.


To all the wonderful mothers out there. Carry on!  You are doing a great job! Happy Mother’s Day!



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  1. Kassie says:

    This made me ball my eyes out!

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