Yearly Faces

I don’t know how many more years my children will let me photograph them like this but amazingly we have done it every January since Bea was born. It was never meant to be a project like this but it just happened that way and now I can’t let it go. I love comparing their faces from year to year and even though they grumble when I ask them to do it, I know they love looking at them too.

I always think the same things when I see these portraits. How much their faces have changed.  How Bea went from being a little newborn ‘shemiegel’ to a little blonde beauty.  How the boys’ teeth have come and gone over the years.  How they have all lost their round baby faces. And how close they are to each other. Not just physically but emotionally.  And that’s what I love most.  No matter what the new year has in store for us I know that they have each other.

katepreftakes0001 katepreftakes0002 katepreftakes0003 katepreftakes0004katepreftakes0005


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  1. Louisa says:

    These photos are SO precious!!! Thank you fro sharing them with us Kate!

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