Gillian & Robin | Married | Lovely Winter Wedding

Gillian and Robin had the most dreamy New Hampshire winter wedding.  Surrounded by family, friends and the most beautiful NH scenery. They met here in high school where they both attended High Mowing and have been together ever since.  I’ve always had a soft spot for high school sweetheart stories, and when you heard people at the wedding talk about how close they’ve always been, you realize how strong their bond is.  It was only natural for them to have their wedding right at the spot where it all started, the gorgeous Waldorf school overlooking fields and mountains.

Snow started falling just as they said their vows and guests sipped warm cider during the ceremony.  We ventured outside for some portraits and, although it was a blustery January day, nobody complained. Gillian is the most incredibly gorgeous bride and she and Robin are  the perfect pair.  Theirs is the kind of love that people envy, the kind that lasts a lifetime.

Gillian and Robin’s wedding was a wonderful collaboration of friends and family. Their families put so much of themselves into this wedding; from Gillian’s Mom’s handmade fur stoles, to siblings’ music serenades, to flowers and quilts.  Warm fires were burning in every room and the feeling was festive and cozy.  Golden Christmas Crackers were given to each guest and they all wore their paper crowns throughout the evening.  After dinner everyone participated in a contra dance, called by Robin’s mom and performed by his brother and Gillian’s sister. The talent here just doesn’t end!  Flower Kiosk made the incredible bouquets and Gillian’s dress is from Nicole Miller.

Congratulations to an amazing couple and their lovely families.


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  1. Amy Gray says:

    What a glorious wedding it must have been. Congratulations to the two of you and may your days be long, filled with warmth and a journey of joy!

    Amy and Chris Gray

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