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Another year has passed and once again I am left wondering where the time went and how my children have changed so much.  I look at their faces and hug their little bodies every single day and somehow they silently grow when I’m not watching.

Six years ago, right after Bea was born, I put them all in white and photographed them together.  I have done the exact same thing every year (almost to the day) since then.  I have so many portraits and pictures of my kids but this series is by far my favorite because I can see them and their growth without any other distractions.  Just their beautiful smiles and the closeness between them.

This year I feel like Asa has changed the most.  He somehow went from being a little preteen to having a more manly face and build.  Just a precursor for what we will soon be seeing with Finley and Atticus.

Here they are; the entire series of winter faces. katepreftakes0007







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