Welcoming Little Aurea

I have a new niece!  Little Aurea joined her sister Evelyn in my sister’s beautiful family.  When she was just four days old my Mom and I went down to NJ to visit them.  She is absolutely perfect.  From her gorgeous head of hair to her little rosebud mouth, we couldn’t get enough of her. I seriously don’t know why someone hasn’t invented a “newborn smell” in a bottle but they should.  There’s really nothing quite like it and, if you’ve had your own babies, one smell can take you right back to the days of holding your own little one.

Heidi and Josh are incredibly attentive, loving parents to their two precious girls.  They play, they laugh, and they take the time to really be with their children.  I love them all so much and feel so fortunate to have them as my family.

Evie is the most welcoming big sister I have ever seen and she spent a lot of time sitting with her mom and talking to Aurea.  It was so sweet to hear her repeat things to Ari like “It’s ok, baby.  Mommy’s got you”.   Aurea will be well loved, well cared for, and have a wonderful lifelong friendship with her sister.  My wish for them is that they can be as close to each other as I am to my sisters.

Here are just a few of our pictures from this very special visit.

kate preftakes0001

kate preftakes0002

kate preftakes0003

kate preftakes0004

kate preftakes0005

kate preftakes0006

kate preftakes0007

kate preftakes0008

kate preftakes0009

kate preftakes0010

kate preftakes0011

kate preftakes0012

kate preftakes0013

kate preftakes0014

kate preftakes0015

kate preftakes0016

kate preftakes0017

kate preftakes0019

kate preftakes0020

kate preftakes0021

Welcome to our family little Aurea.  You are already loved beyond words.


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  1. Anne says:

    Oh, Katie these are precious! Lots of love to the new little Aurea and Evie, Heidi and Josh! Can’t wait o meet her!!

  2. Mickey Pieterse says:

    Those photos are so gorgeous just as an artistic experience, but of course I love all the people in the photos, making it extra special. You captured them so well. Thank you.

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